Changes Are Coming: Get Ready for Something New

Wiggles Bear is growing up!

In October Wiggles Bear is growing up. We will be 5 years old, now, as you can imagine, the work for that launch started before then. So, officially, my little business is already 5 years old. And what a few years it has been! I started with party bags and soon changed to decorations and evolved from there as I explored my creative side and found what I enjoyed doing.

Add into the mix everything you need to learn about running a business online and in person. Plus the delights of social media and all the marketing and I can safely say it’s been a learning curve.

With a global pandemic, caring for my Dad, and all the usual trials and tribulations of family life and you can begin to imagine the rollercoaster ride.

Bee brave mini plaque

This year I have reached a point where I want to define Wiggles Bear more and open it up to my loves and interest while staying true to everything that has become important to you and me. I want to grow our community and hopefully reach my potential.

To do this there will be a few changes. To get everything in place I will not be as active online over the summer. Then it is the madness that is Christmas. I have so many in-person events booked this festive season.

I am planning:

  • a rebrand
  • discontinuing product lines
  • new products launches
  • a summer sample sale

If all goes to plan, everything will be in place for Wiggles Bear’s 5th birthday celebrations.

bee yourself mini plaque

The Summer Sample Sale I am going to start at the beginning of August and will be adding more products each week as I hopefully clear stock. So if you have your eye on something non-personalised this will be the ideal time to get it. Many of the sale items will also be discontinued product lines. Don’t leave it too late as I often only have one sample of each item.

Wiggles Bear: Adventure Awaits

I hope you will continue to join me on my journey. I am really excited about what is next and can’t wait to share more with you.

Until next time, have a great summer.