An Apple For The Teacher

Teacher and Teaching Assistant Gift Ideas

A good teacher and teaching assistant is worth their weight in gold.

Before starting Wiggles Bear I was a teacher for nearly 20 years. It was always surprising the gifts I received. I’m not taking huge expensive items but lovely tokens of appreciation.

In fact I still have two keyrings, one on my pencil case and one holding my memory sticks together. Everytime I look at them I can tell you the names of the children that gave them to me, many years ago now. Alice was in one of my first classes. When I last bumped in to her, at a reunion some years back, was training to be a teacher herself. Jessica was very sporty and not afraid to tell you what she thought. I appreciated her honest opinion, she use to pop back once she moved to high school for a chat. And don’t ask about Sebastian the Christmas cactus who holds pride of place in my kitchen. It is the only plant I have kept alive and he is thriving, just hope the pupil who gave it to me is too.

sticky note holder

Over the last few decades teacher gifts have become a huge marketing point. They had a much more humble beginning. On the American frontier families were often responsible for providing for teachers if they wanted their children to attend school. Families gave fruit and other crops, when in abundance, to show appreciation. Hence an apple for the teacher. 

Now you could go down a similar route. I’m not necessarily suggesting an apple, but food and drink are often appreciated. But try and doing some research first – you don’t want to give a bottle of wine to someone you doesn’t drink alcohol.

Other great gift ideas include:

bookmark and keyring laying on notebook

I will add a little note of personal opinion here if that’s ok.

If possible, don’t forget the Teaching Assistants or Key Workers that support in class. As I promise you that behind each amazing teacher there is also a fantastic TA or two (if they are lucky). I can vouch for the fact I couldn’t have done my job to it’s full potential without the TAs I had working with me at the time. Which is why I have teaching assistant specific gifts and those that can be for teachers or TAs.

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Teacher and Teaching Assistant Gift Guide 2023

I hope these ideas have inspired you to show your appreciation for your favourite teacher and teaching assistant. Remember, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. So take some time to think about what your teacher would really appreciate, and make their day!