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New Coronation Collection

What are your plans for the King’s Coronation weekend?

A street party?

Heading in to London to try and secure a spot to see it all first hand?

Comfy in front of the TV?

We are hoping for a very family orientated weekend, including watching the Coronation, having never seen one before. We did think about heading in to London to try and soak up the atmosphere. Then decided the comfort of home and watching on the TV means we will get to see everything.

Though we have also decided we are heading to the Tower of London this summer. We want a look at the Crown Jewels once they return.

coronation bookmarks
coronation bookmarks

I also want to make sure my two have some special keepsakes of the occasion. Something that they can share in the future when telling their children/grandchildren about the King’s Coronation. Just like my mum told us and them about the Queen’s.

In fact when we were cleaning out my parent’s house last year, we found a lot of the keepsakes Mum had from various royal occasions. It really got me thinking about how to create things that could stand the test of time. Making them become a true keepsake.

Which is what I have done with my King’s Coronation collection. From plaques and signs to new acrylic bookmarks and keyrings there is something special for you and your family to treasure.

You can shop the collection on my site, I’ve created links to the main items on the home page or search coronation.

If you are looking at ordering for a family get together, group or organisation, please get in touch as I can offer bulk order discounts for larger orders. Send me a message through the contact me page.

King’s Coronation Collection

Keepsakes you can treasure long after the street party ends and the bunting fades.