Celebrate the start of spring

Spring Florals for gifts and decor

Are you ready to celebrate the start of Spring?

Ok I admit it may not be feeling very like spring yet! As I am writing this it is pouring with rain and the sky is more grey than the squirrels in my garden.

All the more reason to brighten your home up until the weather gets the memo. I’d like to getting thinking about permanent florals, not just a bunch that’s about for a few days.

So let’s celebrate spring with some gorgous florals.

I don’t know about you but I have started to see daffodils when out and about. So Spring is definately on the way, even if it doesn’t feel like it just yet.

Personally I am not a overtly floral person, but I do like a floral touch. I reflect this in my designs. Many of my items have a floral detail layered on.

The best thing about florals is they are so adaptable. I can be mix and match them to any decor. Whether you are looking for bright blooms for your bedroom or pretty pastels to welcome guests into your home, they are all possible. I am happy to customise to your colour scheme, just add your request in the personalised box.

wedding horseshoe
wedding horseshoe

What are your favourite flowers?

Which ever you like best it is said to show something of your personality:

Roses – You are romantic and enjoy quality time with loves ones

Lily – You are artistic

Tulip – You enjoy life, whether home or away

Chrysanthemums – You are practical and like tradition

Orchid – You find beauty in things around you

Dahlia – You are down to Earth and reliable

Freesia – You have an eye for detail

Sunflower – You are a little ray of sunshine in others lives

Spring florals for your home

Celebrate the start of Spring with flowers that last all year round, created for you by Wiggles Bear.