2023, the year of affordable joy

2023, the year of affordable joy!

Affordable joy is to be my theme of 2023. However let me start at the beginning. I always find the start of a new year a bit daunting, over the last few years January has been a challenging month for me for many reasons. I am starting to firmly believe I should start my year in line with Chinese New Year.

As we head into 2023, yet again I feel I don’t know what to expect. Without a doubt we are all facing lots of challenges right now. Which makes it hard to keep our inner calm, leading to a bout of overthinking, followed by a wash of overwhelm – or is that just me?

However in difficult times such as this what we need more then ever is a chance to spread some love and joy.

Our Family Hive Sign
Our Family Hive The Perfect Place To Bee

This is where I am hoping I can help. I want to help you to feel better this year. I want to enable you to spread your love and joy to family and friends. Something we all need more then ever!

This is where ‘affordable joy’ comes in.

The s’more the merrier mini sign
The s’more their merrier mini sign

It was a term I recently heard from a business group I am in. We were discussing the idea that treating yourself to something small and affordable is just as much of a treat as splashing out on more.

Affordable joy is a thought that has really stuck with me as I have started planning the year ahead. I am currently reviewing my products and looking at new ranges that I will be introducing throughout the year.

My aim is to increase ranges that can bring a piece of joy to you and those that are special to you.

Treat Yourself to Some Affordable Joy!

Grab yourself some affordable joy with Wiggles Bear.

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